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  • Girl with purple scarf

    Posted on January 3, 2013

    Medium: Painting

    I believe that if we are very lucky, once in a great while someone comes along capable of helping us truly understand who we are. Beyond simple recognition of the Self, this person allows us to see all of our own complexities, eccentricities, and insecurities in a way that makes us feel cohesive as well as all of our seemingly disconnected parts feel both beautiful and loved. For me, that person is depicted in my recent work, “Girl with purple scarf”. Her gentle presence in my life serves as more than a source of energy and power, but is a catalyst to challenge myself, my preconceptions, biases, and intrinsic stories rooted in nearly 45 years of stalwartly reinforced false narratives.
    In this painting, the girl with her purple scarf and radiant energy presents as both protected and pondering. She is prepared to confront the Greek goddess Hecate who has taken the form of a three-headed serpent. What is unclear is the girl’s ultimate goal: Is it to do battle with Hecate? To heal her using her empathic power? Perhaps it is simply to move past her into the chaotic and mysterious unknown realms of the earth, sea, and sky. Whatever her purpose, the girl is free to make her own choices. She is strong, confident, beautiful, and a reminder to me that nothing in life is permanent. We have the power to change and live our lives free of our past. Within each of us, we have the power to just be.

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