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    Over the years so much of my personal drive and inspiration has come from my children. They are both a constant source of inspiration and unlikely teachers of so many valuable life lessons. I have always believed that children know best, and yesterday my daughter once again proved me right. As part of Charleeʼs Bat Mitzvah process, she and…

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    A Creative Adventure

    Remember rainy days and couch cushion forts? A secret den created out of bunk beds and blankets? Your headquarters out in the woods built from fallen branches? We all remember creating a secret special place of our own as a child and as adults we profess, “I am NOT creative.” Sure you are, you always…

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    PeaceLove Studios & Duck Tape

    In 2014 we have partnered with Duck Tape!  Together we are creating a line of PeaceLove-inspired Duck Tape designs, how cool is that!?  To celebrate our partnership we have installed 4 giant “Art Panels” in the Studio for anyone and everyone who visits to create cool art on with Duck Tape.  Our friends at Duck…

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    Boys & Girls Clubs

    Last month we were thrilled to partner with the Providence Housing Authority and The Providence Boys & Girls Clubs.  We traveled to the Clubs and shared our Paint4Peace™ expressive arts experience with the great kids at Manton Heights, Chad Brown, and Hartford Park.  This was an extra special series of workshops as Jeff brought his…

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    PeaceLove’s Mental Wellness Speaker Series

    In celebration of May is Mental Health Month, we are bringing together a selection of thought leaders in the wellness space. The day will highlight 8 storytellers from a range of backgrounds who are helping create peace of mind in the world. The Mental Wellness Speaker Series will be held on Thursday, May 22nd at…

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    $7 Tee Sale

    Selected tees are on sale for only $7! Get yours now before they’re gone forever.

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