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    PeaceLove Workshops

    Creating a framework for inspiration, healing and personal growth

    Our community workshops create a framework for inspiration, healing and personal growth that can be enjoyed by first time creators and seasoned artists alike. The only requirements are a willingness to experience new challenges, motivation to explore one's self creatively and a desire to Create Peace of Mind™.


    We offer expressive arts workshops for children, adolescents, families, adults, and communities of all abilities and skill levels. Workshops are open to anyone and everyone who is searching for peace of mind. Below are some examples of workshops that you can take at PeaceLove Studios. View and reserve a space in our current workshops through our Calendar.



    Paint4Peace™ is the signature PeaceLove program that teaches painting as a way to inspire, motivate, build self-confidence and deliver a message of hope, through creativity and artistic expression. With paint, foam brushes and canvases, all participants become artists as they find their voice in new means of self-expression. Paint4Peace™ is an experience intended for anyone searching to find Peace of Mind through creativity.


    VisualJournaling-webVisual Journaling

    This guided process of journaling uses color, imagery, collage and texture as tools for communication and recovery. Participants will create their own journal and learn creative habits that can help with emotional expression, overcoming challenges, and transforming negative experiences. This workshop will use a variety of supplies, including compilations of created and found materials.



    With mask making as the vehicle, individuals will consider the face, its emotional manifestations, and the psychological implications of the many faces we show to the world particularly during challenging times in our lives. Making a mask invites participants to explore the persona they choose to reveal or conceal to the world. By understanding the masks they wear, individuals can explore their inner self and nurture their healing as well as reflect and share with the group.



    Mandala is the Sanskrit word meaning “circle.” Often used as a practice in meditation, mandalas are a visual art form which allows individuals to explore the self through the centering nature of circles. Participants will learn about mandalas in other cultures and how to use them in daily life for focusing attention, creating sacred space, developing personal wholeness and finding emotional healing.


    Rainsticks-webHum ‘n Stir

    Healing and self expression comes not just through visual arts but also through sound making and movement. By building rain sticks and participating in a drum circle, individuals will discover how visual arts, voice, music makers, and body movement create a multi-modal form of inspiration for self-expression, comfort and healing.



    Story-shoes-webStory Shoes

    Consideration of the self and each person’s unique story through creative expression can inspire the idea that our journeys are similar even though each person walks down a different path. Through creative writing, artistic transformation and embodiment of physical movement, individuals have the opportunity to witness the lives of others while expressing what it means to “walk in my shoes” to the rest of the group.


    We are constantly creating new and unique workshops and would love to share them with you. Take a look at our Calendar to attend one of our upcoming workshops.

    Custom Workshops

    Want to create a special PeaceLove Workshop for your group? Custom-designed workshops are available, either in our studio or at your location (additional fees may apply). To schedule a custom workshop, please use our Event Booking Form.


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