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  • Matt Yopak

    Faces of PeaceLove: Matt

    The PeaceLove Community is a wonderfully diverse group of artists and mental health advocates, each of whom has an important story to share. Today we introduce you to Matt Yopak. Matt worked as an intern at PeaceLove, helping us move projects like the 26% Project and PeaceLove Live! forward. Currently Matt is studying art therapy at Leslie College and participates with us when he is home visiting. In Matt’s own words, “I began using art as my own personal therapy at a very young age when I started my battle with depression. It was a way to tell the world what was going on in my head when words failed to get the job done. Ever since I was a child I loved to create artwork and that ended up being my saving grace throughout the years. It was an outlet for me, a short escape from the depression that lurked in my mind. My art helped share my story to the world and show others what it felt like to fight with depression. Now, I am working on becoming an Art Therapist so I can use art to help others the way that it helped me. To this day I continue to create new pieces of art not only for myself but for others so that they too can hopefully see what I have gone through and know that it is possible to reach a better place.”
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