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  • PeaceLove is a movement of hope and support for communities impacted by mental health disorders. We help people create peace of mind through expressive arts and a symbol of hope. With the sale of merchandise and support of our partners, together we have provided over 15,000 individuals with free life-changing experiences.

    Jeff's Story

    Not despite, but because of his illness, he is uniquely qualified to communicate a message of hope.

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    PeaceLove is building the first symbol of acceptance and hope for mental illness.

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    These publications and media outlets are helping to spread the word about PeaceLove.

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    Our partners are key influencers who help grow and transform opportunities to support mental illness.

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    Peacelove’s impact is made possible through the sale of merchandise and the support of our partners. Together, we provide free art classes to diverse communities impacted by mental health disorders. Our work is built on the belief that creative expression transforms and heals.


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