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    How PeaceLove is making a difference

    Peacelove’s impact is made possible through the sale of merchandise and the support of our partners. Together, we provide free art classes to diverse communities impacted by mental health disorders. Our work is built on the belief that creative expression transforms and heals.

    Since February of 2009, thanks largely to the support of our community, PeaceLove has provided over 15,000 free art experiences to communities impacted by mental illness including schools, recovery programs, hospitals, veterans’ organizations, senior centers, universities and Boys & Girls Clubs.



    We have many stories and testimonials that display the ability of PeaceLove experiences to impact lives. Here are just a few:

    I'll have a smile on my face the rest of the day. Las Vegas Academy

    Meeting Street SchoolToday I learned that when you believe nothing is impossible.

    I let a bit of my darkness out while expressing myself in a positive way. Gateway

    Project Common Bond This sh%& was cool.

    PeaceLove is infectious! Can't wait to bring the next group to the studio. Paint4Peace

    Learn more about how we give. See our Foundation’s Giving Report.

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