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  • Jeff Sparr at BIF-8

    PeaceLove at BIF-8

    This past September the Business Innovation Factory held its 8th annual summit in Providence, RI. This year’s storytellers varied in age, culture, education and disciplines and included CEOs, authors, professors, artists and a 14-year-old entrepreneur, among others. PeaceLove artist and co-founder, Jeffery Sparr, was honored to share the stage with so many incredibly inspiring and talented people to tell his story of personal recovery and how creative expression has helped him not only cope but thrive despite his debilitating mental illness obsessive compulsive disorder.

    Jeff hopes to help others find what brings them peace to help deal with whatever challenges they are facing. As Jeff says, “Let’s face it, everyone has something they are dealing with. If there is a way to help people find the thing that brings them peace, be it art, music or whatever that “thing” may be, I want to help them find it. Finding my own peace through painting has changed my life.”

    We were fortunate to meet so many inspiring people including Tony Hsieh of Zappos, Darrel Hammond of Kaboom, Tom Yorton of Second City Communications, and Hillary Salmons of the Providence After School Alliance to name a few.  Congrats to Saul Kaplan and the entire BIF staff for an amazing summit and for creating an environment for random collisions to take place.


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    1. Sheila Jacobs February 15, 2013 at 2:53 pm #

      Peace, love, hope, inspiration, motivation, possibility.
      Thank you Jeff and all of those who create peace of mind and love in the heart.

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